About the BLC Committee

Who runs the BLC Committee, and how long has the Branch Liaison Council been formed?

About the current Sunderland AFC Branch Liaison Council

The Branch Liaison Council (BLC) represents the official supporter branches of Sunderland AFC to share opinion and work with the club to improve the supporter experience.

Established in the 1970’s there are now over 70 branches of Official Sunderland Supporters Clubs, based not only in the North East but also throughout the country and overseas. Many of these branches are official BLC members.

Sunderland AFC meets with representatives from the branches (Branch Liaison Council – BLC) through the season at the Stadium of Light, to engage in regular constructive dialogue, allowing supporters the chance to air their views, give opinions and ask questions on behalf of their branch members.

Branch Liaison Council Committee

Chair: Jim Gilling
Vice Chair: Phil Pollard
Treasurer: Jane Hughes
Vice Treasurer: Brian Mitton
Secretary: Cath Reid
Asst Secretary: Jim Douglass
Co-Opted Committee Members:  Joanne Youngson, Sean Lauder
Social Committee: TBC


For details on how to register your supporter branch to the BLC please contact BLC Secretary Cath Reid. Please note, there is a £10.00 fee to join the group.